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The Physics of Sprinting

Forces Involved During Running (8)
History of Sprinting(1)
Physics of Running (3)
Parts of the race---- the Acceleration Phase (7)
Parts of the Race ---- The Finish (9)
Experiment-The Best Start (6)
The History of the Sprint Start (2)
Types of Crouched Starts(5)
Start Phase (4)
LINKS (11)

Welcome to our website. We have designed this site on the physics behind sprinting so that you will be able to achieve a greater understanding of sprinting and how our bodies work to produce this motion.

Physics is always around us, it is in everything and it is the basis of all science. Top sprinters use physics throughout their entire race. Physics allows them to reach some of the high speeds you may have seen in Athens this past summer at the Olympic games. The physics is not only there during the race but it is also involved in the start. We hope that through our historical documentation, general facts and through our experiments, you will learn about the physics behind this exciting race.