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The Physics of Sprinting

The History of the Sprint Start

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The Olympic Games


The 100 meter dash was always an exciting event at the Olympics. It traces back to the original Olympics in Greece. The start of the race has changed though since those times. Different methods have been developed to enhance a sprinters start by introducing the starting blocks. These have allowed for record breaking times and have improved overall performance. Here is a brief history of the evolution of the sprint start in the Olympic Games:


-In the original Olympics the Greeks began the races standing upright. They placed their toes in a stone starting sill at the start line.

-Later a starting gate or husplex was used to prevent false starts. The gates were similar to those used in horse racing today.

-Blocks for a crouched start were first used in the Olympics at the 1948 Olympics in London. Starting blocks had been used before this in the 1920's but they were used outside the Olympics.