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The Physics of Sprinting

Parts of the Race-The Start Phase

Forces Involved During Running (8)
History of Sprinting(1)
Physics of Running (3)
Parts of the race---- the Acceleration Phase (7)
Parts of the Race ---- The Finish (9)
Experiment-The Best Start (6)
The History of the Sprint Start (2)
Types of Crouched Starts(5)
Start Phase (4)
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The Crouched Start

The 100 metre dash involves a lot of physics and the athletes have learnt to use some of this physics to their advantage, helping them to achieve in this sport.

The first, and probably the most important part of the race, is the start. Over the years the sprinters have changed the way they start the race in order to have the best acceleration and fastest times.

Today the crouched start is used. The reason that a crouched start is used other than a standing start is because a crouched start is more effective. It is more effective because it puts the sprinter in a position where they have to accelerate very quickly or else they will fall because their center of gravity is forced to move ahead of their feet, allowing them to accelerate.