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The Physics of Sprinting


Forces Involved During Running (8)
History of Sprinting(1)
Physics of Running (3)
Parts of the race---- the Acceleration Phase (7)
Parts of the Race ---- The Finish (9)
Experiment-The Best Start (6)
The History of the Sprint Start (2)
Types of Crouched Starts(5)
Start Phase (4)
LINKS (11)

Velocity- the rate of change of an object during a certain time interval . Velocity is a vector quantity which mean it has direction as well as magnitude.
Speed- is the distance an object travels divided by the time the object was travelling. It is a scaler quantity which means that there is no direction , therefore in other words it is the magnitude of velocity.
Mass-  the quantity  of matter an object contains. The mass of an object is not dependent on gravity and therefore is different from but proportional to its weight.
Acceleration- The rate of change of velocity with respect to time.
Force of Gravity- the force of attraction between masses, the gravitational force has an infinate range.
Force- The capacity to do work or cause physical change.
Momentum- the product of an object's mass and its velocity.
Impulse- the product of the force exerted on an object and the time interval over which the force acts.
Law of action-reaction-  this law states that for every applied action force there is an equal and opposite reaction force.